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Sunday, January 01, 2006

He doesnt deserve the name JAIME!

He doesn't deserve the name Jaime Originally Posted on June 26, 2004 at 04:35:25 AM by Jaime He doesn't deserve the name Jaime Capelo that is. Capelo wrote a bill (house bill 4) that limited the amounts collected in lawsuits. The doctors were “all going to leave town” if the proposition (#12) did not pass and so on and so forth. The proposition passed and the personal injury attorneys were betrayed. Capelo then experienced the venom of local factions who now hated him. How did Capelo get in the position to write this bill? Capelo was elected to the Legislature filling the vacated seat of Hugo Berlanga (family friend of Tony Canales and Barbara Canales Black). Berlanga handpicked and groomed Capelo for the seat Hugo was vacating. Many questioned why Berlanga would step down at a time he could really make a difference in Austin? What influenced Hugo stepping down? Who benefited from the legislation Capelo wrote? On the outside, it looks like he wrote the legislation for the doctors who practiced medicine in this day of "lawsuit abuse". The doctors did want the legislation and they fought hard for it to pass. The doctors work in a system that takes money out of their pockets for treating patients to the best of their ability. Now a doctor must consider if he will get paid when making a medical decision. He must answer to the health system. The hospital systems in South Texas benefited much more from the bill Capelo wrote than did anyone else. I used to swear that Spohn Shoreline was the best hospital around. Then I noticed the nuns and other caring administrators being replaced by corporate accountants, streamliners etc. Then Spohn became Christus Spohn Health Systems. Christus still had the Kenedy Foundation and Trust's Money. The Diocese of Corpus Christi still controlled, but now they were money oriented. Capelo writing the bill helped the doctors? Yes, but he wrote the bill for the more influential power base, the Health Systems in South Texas. The main one is Christus Spohn, the umbrella financed by the Kenedy Foundation and Trust managed by the Diocese of Corpus Christi who is protected by the King Ranch Corporation's attorneys. The King Ranch Corporation controls South Texas. The Kenedy oil is the one that got away. Barbara and Tony own BNP, which owns all of the drilling rights along the national seashore. They (The Canales Clique) also represent the King Ranch and Christus Spohn Health Systems. Patricia Canales Bell is on the board of directors at Christus Spohn. Now Tony Canales is head prosecutor of Capelo in pending civil suit. Jaime Capelo sold out his profession. He was used by the same people who reject Anita Matilde's birthright. Capelo did leave a federal loophole. Ask Mikal Watts about the federal Loop Hole!
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